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Denoting or occurring at a critical point in which the outcome of a situation is at stake. To have the skills to fully execute successfully.

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Clutch Capital is a private equity fund management company that focuses on real estate investments across the Asia-Pacific Region. The firm was established in Australia and specialises in adding value to under-utilised real estate through strategic partnerships, building design, innovative re-positioning, key asset acquisitions and highly selective development.

We focus on long-term value generation by investing across the spectrum of real estate sub-sectors, including residential development, retail precincts, serviced apartments, build-to-rent and commercial spaces.

With a team of experienced real estate investment managers operating in the Asia-Pacific Region, we are adept at identifying compelling opportunities and re-positioning assets through the strength of execution.

Our investment strategies include:

1. High-quality real estate developments in key locations
2. Mid-market lending and asset-secured loans
3. Investments into special situations in the real estate sector